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Plotting along…

I am continuing to surprise myself by eating vegetarian. I have no clue why, or how, I have been able to make it this many days without meat. I am not against meat- I am happy that I am eating … Continue reading

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Perfect 10

I am excited to bring you all the next installment of the vegancouchpotato! I have made it 10 consecutive days without eating meat. Yesterday was a thriller at the local Ruby Tuesday! My sister was nice enough to take me … Continue reading

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Hoaly tshit…..(the ‘a’ and ‘t’ are silent!)

Hello boys and girls! This weekend was an adventure- I have continued to surprise myself and made some interesting food choices! On Saturday I really wanted to eat Peruvian chicken. I went to this place with my sister and contemplated, … Continue reading

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It is not all easy…but at least its Fry Day!

Yesterday I went to a Peruvian chicken place with a couple of my friends. Oh, man! I really wanted to eat some chicken, but I summoned all my strength and got a few side orders instead. This was the first … Continue reading

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Let’s get to the deets!

Helllllllllo everybody ( the 5 people that have seen this blog!) Well, today is my unplanned 4th day of eating a veggie diet. I am, at the moment, flabbergasted at how I have made it four days without meat. As … Continue reading

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Two for Tuesday!

Good afternoon, all. Yesterday was another achievement in the VCP world.  I cannot explain it, nor am I willing to figure it out; however, I went another 24 hours without meat! My day started off as normal as any other: … Continue reading

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Victory is Mine!!!

My victory march began around 6 o’clock in the evening. I stood in front of Chipotle and wondered if I had the internal might to push forward and eat a veggie dinner. During the day I was telling myself that … Continue reading

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Meatless Mondaaay…

It’s Monday and I am going to eat no meat today! It has been a long while since I have posted and I wanted to start with a bang! This experiment should be a doozy 🙂

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Vegan Quiche

  Sunday night I had the privilege of eating a six- vegetable quiche at Le Pain Quotidien in Bethesda, Md. This dish was fantastic! Not only was it vegan, it was made with a gluten free buckwheat crust. My favorite … Continue reading

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Banana Anyone?

Sunny and 78 degrees in my neck of the woods this morning. I did a killer leg work out and now I am blogging! I found this delectable dessert last night at a local grocery store. Non-dairy and free of … Continue reading

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