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Happy St. Patty’s Day… SMILE :)

Smile, YOU are on candid camera! Just kidding,  it’s that yearly festivous Green Day and I decided to make a tiny little change… you guessed it, I created an Orange Smoothie. There is, however, something green in this sexy treat (so … Continue reading

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Back, Back, Back on My Blog Game!

  It has been far too long since my last post. I am glad to be blogging again, and I have even found my way to Instagram. You can find me at @vegancouchpotato where I post my simple creations.   I figured that I would restart … Continue reading

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Juice another day in paradise.

Good afternoon, friends.  Well, it is Friday and I am happy to report that this juice was interesting.  The rundown: beets, celery, sweet peppers, ginger, lemon, and blackberries! I thought the beets would sway my vote to the “nay” column; … Continue reading

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Let me Whisk you away into Delight-ville

I had never been to this restaurant until just last week. Great vibe, cool people. I glanced at the sizable menu and realized I had many options. I like options. My eyes went down the page and saw “WHISK Vegetable … Continue reading

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This was a great lunch today! Bed of spinach topped with roasted broccoli, garlic, and red onions. Curry tofu with a side of butternut squash 🙂 ’twas fantastic! Eating more clean lately!

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Tofurkey Thanksgiving

It has been a while since my last post. I have been eating a fully vegetarian diet since the 3d week of July! That makes roughly ~120 days! We had an awesome vegetarian thanksgiving yesterday.  It was a full-on festival … Continue reading

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Bootstrap Boogie

One word: arrgh. Well, time to start the veggie clock again. Lets see what we can accomplish this time! Dejected, VCP

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1 Month of Veggie :-)

Quick update y’all…. I have made it one month of eating a vegetarian diet! So far I have lost about ten pounds and I have more energy! Today, for lunch, I am eating a brown rice veggie bowl from Ricky’s … Continue reading

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Passover Awesomeness!

Gang, Last weekend was Passover and I continued my veggie streak. Today is day 26 without meat! In honor of Passover, I’d like to share a recipe that we created for the big event! The best part about this dish … Continue reading

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the PPK rocks…..Banana Bread

This weekend I decided to make some delicious banana bread.  I found the recipe on Post Punk Kitchen; thank you for your wonderful recipe! Since my decision to make the bread was on-the-fly, I ended up using 1 ripe banana … Continue reading

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