Hoaly tshit…..(the ‘a’ and ‘t’ are silent!)

Hello boys and girls!

This weekend was an adventure- I have continued to surprise myself and made some interesting food choices! On Saturday I really wanted to eat Peruvian chicken. I went to this place with my sister and contemplated, yet again, whether or not I would continue this journey eating no meat. By the time I reached the counter I realized that I could have a great meal without chicken. I ordered mixed vegetables – steamed carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli-  rice and beans, and a garden salad! It was delicious. Even though I struggled to steer away from chicken, I am happy that I made it through lunch. Later on in the evening I had another chicken/ meat encounter. I also decided to press forward and opted for veggie kabobs with rice and na’an! Boy did I feel great afterwards.

Sunday was another great day. I basically noshed around my house all day and ended up eating “real food” for dinner. I had a wonderful spinach salad with falafel! The ingredients were spinach, avocado, cucumber, egg, falafel, tomato, and honey dijon dressing!!!

I was so excited to keep the streak alive! Thank you to my 100th visitor- the journey has just begun. I hope this site helps all who are trying to eat vegetarian or wondering if they can do it! As for me, vegansweetpotato is my greatest asset- she’s been vegan for 4 years and vegetarian for 12 years- and she sometimes makes suggestions, or cooks, for me!

I hope to post some recipes and meals soon… I only have camera phone (no digi). In the mean time, I hope to find some guest posters to help share their experience with eating veggie and/or tips for beginning to eat veggie!

Today, one week without meat!



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