Let’s get to the deets!

Helllllllllo everybody ( the 5 people that have seen this blog!)

Well, today is my unplanned 4th day of eating a veggie diet. I am, at the moment, flabbergasted at how I have made it four days without meat. As I stated previously, I had no intention of beginning a “Veggie Quest” this week;however, I am gonna roll with it.

I workout regularly yet have been in the habit of eating those dangerous foods. Here are a few – non scientific- details of what my body type is.

Height: 5’9″

Age: 29

Weight: Day 1: 190,  Day 4: 186.6. (I work out regularly)

Waist: 34 ish…reference point: J Crew shorts size 34 are snug!

Furthermore, I have had a hay cough this week (allergies) and have not been able to tell if I have been exhibiting meat withdrawal symptoms. I feel the same as I did on Monday… With a twist of satisfaction thrown in the mix.

As I continue on this journey, length unknown, please feel free to give food suggestions, comment, or give words of encouragement! This is going to be a great adventure and I know vegansweetpotato will be happy and help guide my food choices 🙂

Have a great day!


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