Perfect 10

I am excited to bring you all the next installment of the vegancouchpotato! I have made it 10 consecutive days without eating meat. Yesterday was a thriller at the local Ruby Tuesday! My sister was nice enough to take me out to lunch and I found this nice little ensemble on the menu: pick three veggies and a side salad. I chose grilled zucchini, steamed broccoli and brown rice pilaf. I am excited to keep the streak alive.

To those of you that are following the blog, let me be the first to say that this exercise has been difficult; however, it has been worth it! My vegansweetpotato has been a vegan for four years and a vegetarian for 12 years (or so), and her knowledge has immensely helped me. I can say that I have more energy since I have stopped eating meat and I have been sleeping better. In addition to losing some weight, I think there are other physiological benefits that I don’t know about.

To those of you that are kindly following, thank you. I hope to get more recipes and include more pictures as the time progresses. Please give me your recommendations if you have any!



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