Two for Tuesday!

Good afternoon, all.

Yesterday was another achievement in the VCP world.  I cannot explain it, nor am I willing to figure it out; however, I went another 24 hours without meat! My day started off as normal as any other: 1) gym, 2) study, 3)chill… G.S.C. I did not plan on eating a veggie-filled day, but that is how it turned out. After my morning work-out, I finished a protein shake and had a heaping scoop of peanut butter!  I decided to nosh on some food around the house- nuts, Clif Bar, veggies- and before I knew it, it was dinner time.

For dinner, my pies de resistance, I had a garbonzo – eh hem* chick pea- salad with some funzies! The salad was a simple arrangement of spinach, tomato, garbanzo beans, cucumbers, carrots, and a small amount of light caesar dressing! Oh boy oh boy was it wonderful… by the time I had finished dinner I had again realized that I hit the home stretch. I knew I could make ANOTHER day without meat! Crazy, right? Well, it happened and I am pretty pumped.  I’ll take that small victory dance again because I am absolutely shocked at making 48 hours meat free… that was not the plan people!


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