It is not all easy…but at least its Fry Day!

Yesterday I went to a Peruvian chicken place with a couple of my friends. Oh, man! I really wanted to eat some chicken, but I summoned all my strength and got a few side orders instead. This was the first time that I wanted to eat meat since Monday. I figured this day would come, however, I did not realize how difficult it would be to change my habits! 

When we arrived, I knew I was in the danger zone. All I could think about was chicken- it smelled sooooo good! The line was about 25 people long and, boy, it was a long wait. I stood their thinking about my new commitment, and how great it felt to be meat free for four days. On the other hand, my mind was telling me it would be ok to have “just one meal with meat.”  The back and forth inner contemplation was strong!

I ended up eating some cole slaw and french fries. It did not seem like much, but I am happy that I kept my streak alive! Today, Friday, is day 5!

Thanks for your support everyone! I will try to post some more pictures of things I cook soon… in the mean time, I will try to get some guest bloggers to add some more material!


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