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Thats me! Yup, you got it- the VeganCouchPotato. I am a twenty-pushing-thirty something dude from the Washington, D.C. area. I love hitting the gym, golf, traveling, and eating!

I started this page for a few reasons :1) My vegansweetpotato is an amazing girl and I love her, 2) I want to engage the world on my fruitful journey, and blog my epic march towards eating vegan (veggie?).

So you may be wondering… “what could the vegancouchpotato dude be doing?” Well I happen to have the answer right (write) here.

This blog’s purpose is to record the ebb and flow of a hamburger eating guy into vegetarianism. The final push will hopefully end in joining my vegansweetpotato in the land of VEGAN!

Make no mistake, I love eating healthy and enjoy eating vegan foods. I just haven’t made the deep 100% plunge. I am excited to see where this takes me and I know my vegansweetpotato (and you, the reader) will be there to guide me and give me the confidence and strength to succeed.



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