Let me Whisk you away into Delight-ville


I had never been to this restaurant until just last week. Great vibe, cool people. I glanced at the sizable menu and realized I had many options. I like options. My eyes went down the page and saw “WHISK Vegetable Fried Rice,” but as soon as my tastebuds started dancing like it was 1969, I remembered my pledge: JUST SAY NO…. to starchy stuff :/

Fortunately, my intuition kicked in and I sensed that this was a place that catered to its customers. I asked our server if he could, “sub out” the rice for another vegetable. His suggestion was fantastic. Sub- spinach!

As it turns out, this newly minted creation was friggen’ phenomenal!  Red onions, check; zucchini, check; yellow squash, check; carrots, check; diced garlic, check; steamed spinach, check, tastebud fiesta, check!

Well, it has been a long while since I have posted with “seeming” regularity, and I hope to  catch a streak here soon… there is much to be discussed 🙂

Till we meet again…


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